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Igel Argern and Tante Tarantel ($45.00)

   You won't find it elsewhere   

This is currently out of stock.
From Around 30 minutesFor 2 to 6 players aged from 8 years
BoardGameGeek Number: 60056InPrint (In Stock: 0)
Designer(s)Doris Matthaus
Frank Nestel

Loosely translated as "Hedgehogs in a Hurry," this game gives players several wooden disks (the hedgehogs) to place in one of six rows. During a turn, you roll a die, optionally move any of your hedgehogs one row left or right, then move any hedgehog (not necessarily yours!) in the row your rolled forward one space. But watch out for black spaces; hedgehogs caught there can't continue moving until they're in last place. The first player to get three of their four hedgehogs to the end of the board wins. Some later versions of this game come with dozens of different variants to keep the game interesting.

Tante Tarantel (Aunt Tarantula) scoots round her web, gobbling up your insects as they try to escape. The web is a spiral, you roll the die and move Auntie, then take turns to move one of your bugs towards the exit space. Initially, Auntie is in a good mood, if she runs into a bug or bugs, they go back to her larder. But as soon as someone escapes, she loses her temper and kills anything she catches! The game has a scoring track, and each time a bug is caught or escapes, a marker moves up, also adding a number to the die roll. So Auntie runs around the web faster and faster. Players can share some spaces, but most of the time, bump each other back and forth. Naturally, nasty bugs push others into Aunty's path to certain death!

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